Full Meal Plan for Effective Weight Loss

This is an example of a healthy, delicious, quick and easy to follow Meal Plan to help you
in kickstarting your weight loss goal!


THIS VIDEO was a huge help for my husband and I. Following your advice, keeping a food and exercise journal on My Fitness Pal, and some forethought and planning based on what you have taught here has caused me to take off 12 pounds in a month and my husband has lost 24. I modified the portion sizes based on our individual TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and we have both been loosing weight steadily without hunger or feeling tired.

Thoughts on the menu:

The avocado & egg on toast was fine by me, but my husband wanted more flavor. I added lime juice and zest as well as cilantro to give it a bit more zip.

I absolutely love the yogurt and fruit snack. The wild raspberries behind my garage got raided regularly at snack time.

The wrap is so simple and quick. For extra nutrition I use spinach with some arugula for a little extra flavor. Can't find seeded wrap here either. Added a little flax seed when mixing up the chicken and cottage cheese.


The dinner is a hit with my family. Since it is hot out right now I use my rice steamer to prepare the sweet potatoes in bulk.


Love the grilled chicken wrap.  I have made this wrap over and over.  I didn't have a seeded wrap, but I added a handful of pecans, and it is so yummy! I also loved your fish over cabbage idea, I know it's not this video, but can't remember where I saw it.  I like to sauté my cabbage with sesame oil, so good!


hej Johanna ?

I have printed your vegan plan . Can you please send non vegan plan too . Thank you.


Liked all the recipes ideas you showed in the meals.  Will like many more recipes ideas

Will also like if you deal with lifestylle diseases (thru diet and excercise) like thyroid, daibities, PCOD, Cholesterol



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